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About Blueberry

Blueberry is a British apparels company incorporated in England and Wales under the company regd. number 10200370 and with our registered office at Eastleigh, Hampshire, England.

We are makers and retailers of fashion products. We design, make, source, sell and distribute products under the Blueberry brand. Our product design and developments are based in Berkshire and the New Forest national park.

Blueberry products are based on the British flora, fauna and countryside events. We create distinctive fashion wear to make you look and feel special.

Fabric and other materials are manufactured, bought from, and finished products manufactured at, both the company owned facilities and external supplier networks in the UK, India and Vietnam.

Creative and marketing contents and programs are developed in London and Berkshire to engage and connect the brand and its products with consumers.

In few selected areas, Blueberry uses the product and distribution expertise of licensing partners to develop the business.

Blueberry products are sold through www.blueberry.london, as well as third-party wholesale/retail customers, both offline and online.

We are committed to the creation of distinctive limited edition products and to continuous innovation in design and manufacturing. The customer is central to the company’s activities. Blueberry continuously engages with its customers to deliver premier products with styling in line with demands whilst continuously setting new influencing trends in parallel.

Increasing our catalogue and efficient ways of working are a priority across the organization with ensuring a culture of responsibility.

All our activities truly is centered on sustainability and being kind to our mother Earth.

Blueberry owns the worldwide trademark and copyright for the word ‘Blueberry’ for Textile, fashion and gift products.

Environment Responsibility

Blueberry believes that to be a reputable brand through our core values of delivering fashion of Premier quality, we must also as a company, continue to be respectful of the environment, minimizing our environmental impact. Blueberry aspires to be a company with a net zero carbon footprint by 2030 through actively contributing to environmental developmental programs whilst continuously working on lean principles to reduce carbon emissions in all our operations. Our Polyester scarves are made polyester extracted from recycled plastic, which gives us great satisfaction and pride.

We use on natural materials otherwise i.e. Cotton, Leather, Rubber, and precious and semi-precious stones.

Social Responsibility

Blueberry believes that it is important to be a socially responsible business, including by supporting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, promoting fair and sustainable employment practices internally and across its manufacturing and supply chain. Also strive to invest in the communities where our customers and employees live and work.

Blueberry takes great pride in our ethical product development process that ensures no child labor is involved at all stages of our production. All our production facilities, partner organisations are committed to ensure zero children labor throughout our chain. We believe that every child has the right to education and just be a child. We hope to be able to contribute to social causes in the near future.

Ethical sourcing and trading

At Blueberry we believe it is important to be a socially responsible business, promoting fair trade and sustainable employment practices internally and by supporting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace both within its own operations and across our supply chain.

The following listed few are part of our practices:NO use of animal furs
NO Animal Testing
NO use of Uzbek cotton